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Puppetry and Ventriloquism in Scotland

Gilpress publishes occasional titles connected with the historical aspects of puppetry and ventriloquism in Scotland. If you have any questions about the books or the subject matter, you can contact us here.

The Carrick Marionettes

After enjoying puppetry as a hobby for many years, Watson and Maimie Black turned professional in 1948, Timber Idol Puppet Book finding a suitable hall in the Ayrshire seaside town of Girvan. Their marionettes were designed and constructed by Watson, and costumed by Maimie. One of the most popular items in their repertoire was a marionette performance of the Robert Burns poem, Tam O'Shanter. This account of their work with puppetry is illustrated with many black & white photographs.

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A Timber Idol: Mr Punch in Scotland

Some 15 years in research and preparation, this well-illustrated book uncovers Mr Punch’s Timber Idol Puppet Book earliest appearances in Scotland, and travels almost 350 years in time with him, as he makes his appearances on the fairgrounds, on city and town streets, on the beach, on Music Hall stages, at bazaars, fetes and similar events.

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